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Green Roof Waterproofing Systems

Green Roof Benefits

  • Conserve energy
  • Extending the life of roofing materials
  • Control storm water runoff
  • Reduce outdoor sounds
  • Reduce city heat effects
  • Create a urban wildlife habitat
  • Improve the environment

Green roof systems are the latest in affordable, eco-friendly flat roof technology. These low maintenance, durable systems not only help protect your roof’s waterproofing ability but also offer a wide range of benefits for you and your new or existing building. Get your FREE PRO-TECH Estimate on your new green roof system today!

Installing a Green Roof System

Before the installation of your green roof, a PRO-TECH project manager inspects the roof’s structure, surface, condition, and drainage to determine the precise waterproofing materials that will be used. Once the materials are on site our waterproofing experts prepare your roof by cleaning and repairing it’s surface and then applying layers of waterproofing membranes, barriers, and sealers. These ultra-strong barriers help protect the roof from dirt and root growth. Finally, layers of soil are added to aid in overall drainage and plant nourishment.

Warranty Assurance

PRO-TECH Caulking and Waterproofing is a fully insured, licensed and bonded company. We stand behind the quality of the work we perform and the quality of the products we use. In most of our jobs we use products that are rated to perform from 5 – 15 years. Our entire PRO-TECH staff is safety trained, drug tested, and background checked prior to employment to ensure we’re hiring the best in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a green roof?

Green roofs, also called “living roofs” and “eco-roofs” are thin layers of living plants that are installed on top of conventional roofs. When they are designed properly, they are stable, living ecosystems that replicate many of the processes found in nature.

What are the major advantages to installing a green roof?

The greatest benefits of installing a green roof is the reduction in energy costs, the sound insulation, and the doubling of your roof’s life.

Can a pitched roof support a green roof system?

Yes, a green roof can be installed on almost any roof pitch, however the price of the green roof system will increase with the pitch of the roof simply because more materials are needed in order to support the vegetation, and these roofs may require more initial maintenance while the plants establish themselves.

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