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Residential Painting Services

We all know styles change and the colors picked for your home a decade ago may not be as fresh as they used to be. Or perhaps, you are building a new home and have a whole new palette of colors in mind. At Proietto Painting we will give you the quality interior and exterior painting services that will make your home truly yours.

Interior House Painting

Before starting the painting process, a Proietto Painting project manager works closely with you or your interior designer on paint colors and the style you envision. When the painting begins, our expert craftsmen take good care of your home by securing and covering all furniture, floors, and other items.

All of the painters that will be entering your residence are 100% Proietto employees who have been subjected to a strict hiring process which includes background checks, drug testing and safety training. These skilled painters are used for every job and every home we paint is always important to us.

Faux Finishes

Faux Finishing has been around for centuries but it hasn’t been until recently that faux painting has achieved that realistic look that home owners want. Our painting experts are extremely skilled in this fine art. Some faux textures include marble, plaster, stone, and many other creative designs.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is a popular finishing technique where plaster is applied to the wall in layers, creating a stunning textured appearance.

Wood Graining

‘Wood graining’ or ‘faux wood graining’ is a technique used to give a wall or surface the appearance of real wood. This popular effect is used for doors and window frames but it can be applied to almost any surface.

Electrostatic Metal Finishing

Electrostatic metal finishing can be applied to exterior gates, fences, windows, or metal frames to restore the appearance and make them look new once again.

Carpentry Work

We have highly skilled carpentry craftsmen that are trained with quality and safety in mind. Whether your project involves adding crown molding to a room, repairing wood-rot, or replacing trim, we will meet your exact specifications.  Visit our Carpentry & Wood Repair page.

Wallpaper & Wall Covering

Wallpaper, fabric, and vinyl coverings are all great ways to enhance the look of a room. Proietto Painting has skilled craftsmen that are able to meet all of your wallcovering needs. Visit our Wallpaper and Wall Covering page.

Power Washing

A great way to improve the value of your home and increase curb appeal is simply to have your property pressure washed. Proietto Painting offers power washing and home exterior cleaning services for siding, driveways, patios, decks, roofs, and more. Visit our Power Washing & Pressure Washing page.

Exterior House Painting

The weather in Florida can take it’s toll on the exterior surface of your home. Color fading from the sun and paint depreciation from the severe weather can make the outside of your residence look faded and worn. With a fresh coat of paint Proietto Painting can completely revitalize your house.

Before the exterior of a new or older home is painted we recommend that our customers consider our quality caulking services. Caulking doors, windows, and other water intrusive areas will ensure your home is watertight from outside elements and is one of the best ways to protect your investment.

Warranty Assurance

At Proietto Painting we stand behind the quality of the work we perform and we are fully insured. We also stand behind the quality products we use. Depending on the systems and paint selected by the customer, exterior paint jobs are guaranteed from the manufacturer for 7 to 10 years. Interior paint also has a warranty that varies with the products selected. Our work at a job site isn’t completed until you are 100% satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proietto Painting use painting sub-contractors?

No, we only use painters employed by Proietto Painting to ensure that the most highly skilled professionals are working on each job. All of our employees are subjected to a background check and drug test prior to being hired and then they receive specialized safety training once employed.

Does someone need to be home while you are working on the interior?

No, in fact most people are not home during the day and arrangements can be made in advance to accommodate your schedule. Our employees are all bonded and insured.

I have received several estimates from different painting contractors and there seems to be a wide variance in the price. Why is that?

There are many factors to be considered when reviewing a painting estimate.  Unlike Proietto Painting, many new or inexperienced companies may not be licensed, bonded, and insured. Often they sub out work to inexperienced, lower rate painters that may not be trained in safety measures or on proper techniques for surface preparation. Another factor is the quality of the products that they are using. Some paints may be lower in cost but will fade out over a shorter period of time.  It is important to consider all of these issues when hiring your painting contractor.

Do you have references that I can contact?

We would be happy to provide you with a list of references for you to contact. We have been in business for over 25 years and have built a very strong reputation in our industry.

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